3s.Super X. SMU 80 cropped

Super X Performance

Speed and Agility Training
Recommended Usage
6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick
3' - 6' wide roll
Length varies from 19' - 92'

Product Details

Super X Performance provides the optimum blend of energy return, comfort, safety and durability for both competition and training activities. Prefabricated synthetic rubber track surface that has unique biomechanical properties that allow an athlete to train safer and harder. Specifically designed for superior performance, Super X provides the optimum blend of energy return and speed for workouts. Geometric molded bottom and vulcanization gives Mondo Super X a biomechanical system for the most consistent feel and greatest potential for deformation. Its advanced waffle backing allows for maximum energy absorption and return. The top layer of the Super X surface is embossed—designed to provide better traction and greater contact for an athletes foot.