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Design for a Better Fitness Experience

SportsBuilders provides a broad range of rubber flooring options designed to meet the diverse needs of any athletic environments. We offer products to support the Fitness Industry—creating a positive, durable, safe experience for customers and employees. Our products are made with natural and recycled rubber products that are durable and easily maintained.

Whether you prefer rolls or tiles, interlocking or straight edge, smooth finish or textured, SportsBuilders has a lot of styles and colors that will suit you. Explore the variety of rubber flooring trends from the Earth tones, to the vibrant color options.

Cohesively using design elements such as color, style and finish can enrich the appearance of any interior. While designing an interior, you should also take into account the natural light and influence pattern for finish selections. SportsBuilders offers a multitude of standard and custom color options for a variety of design options.

Our products are in compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emission requirements. SportsBuilders flooring and adhesives products earn FloorScore certification quality for use in high performance buildings. The sustainable contribution of our floors makes it ideal for facilities seeking to increase their environmental contribution.

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