3s.MVCC FHouse cropped

Sportflex M

Indoor Track and Fieldhouse
Recommended Usage
8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm
3' – 6'
19' 8" – 59'

Product Details

Sportflex M features a new texture and a redesigned tessellation pattern that improves ball bounce for tennis and multipurpose applications. The deforming geometries provides enhanced vertical deflection and improved lateral support, thus increasing both shock absorption and energy return. New formulation enhances the products ability to withstand heavy traffic and abuse in multipurpose applications. The rubber-based top layer is engineered with an adjusted coefficient of friction to lessen the amount of surface related injuries to the knee ankle and hip when experienced in sports requiring a high level of pivot and rotational movements.

Use of proprietary equipment and vulcanization process ensure that biomechanical and physical properties will remain consistent over the product’s useful life. Engineered with an adjusted coefficient of friction, to better accommodate sports requiring and a high level of pivot movements.