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Super X 720

Indoor Track and Fieldhouse
Recommended Usage
13.5 mm
3' - 6' wide roll
19' 8" – 52' 9"

Product Details

Super X 720 is pre-manufactured in a controlled factory environment that is unaffected by ambient conditions, and guarantees uniform thickness and technical characteristics over the entire surface of the track. This results in constant dynamic response and absence of variable spots that can affect in-situ systems, and that might cause breaks in the running rhythm, jeopardizing athletic performance and increasing risk of fatigue and trauma. It gives athletes complete control over stride length, running rhythm and balance, so they get the most out of their training sessions, with the confidence that they can duplicate their results during competition.

Specifically redesigned to significantly improve comfort and athletic performance, Super X 720 provides the optimum blend of energy return, comfort, safety and durability for both competition and training activities. The new bottom layer, derived from Mondotrack, consists of an elongated honeycomb-shaped geometric construction, deformable in three dimensions, that provides the optimum blend of cushioning and energy return, as well as the optimum reaction time, depending on the type of stress generated by the athlete. At the same time, it helps to reduce the time interval required to complete the rolling of the foot between the 5th metatarsus and the 1st metatarsus, while providing continuous, optimal support to the foot movement. In this way, time on the ground is minimized, energy return is maximized and reaction time is optimized, with marked improvement in comfort and athletic performance. It has also been shown to reduce fatigue and foot trauma by providing shock absorption both in vertical and in horizontal direction.