2s.Sportflex Wilkes cropped

Sportflex M

Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Facilities
Recommended Usage
8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick
3' - 6' wide roll
Length varies from 19' - 59'

Product Details

Sportflex is engineered and fine-tuned to deliver superior performance for track, basketball, tennis and a wide variety of activities. Easy to maintain and easy underfoot, this surface is engineered with an adjusted coefficient of friction to accommodate sports requiring a high level of pivot movements. The new formulation enhances the product’s ability to withstand heavy traffic and abuse in multi-purpose settings. 

• New texture and formulation
• Improved ball bounce
• Unparalleled lifespan of 20+ years
• Can be used indoor and/or outdoor
• Engineered to withstand static and rolling loads such as bleachers, tables and chairs
• Stain resistant
• Does not require any coatings or specialized maintenance