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Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Facilities
Recommended Usage
The base is available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm or 14mm thicknesses. The wear layer is available in 2mm or 3mm.

Product Details

Monoflex is seamless polyurethane, dual durometer, indoor sports flooring system. This system features a recycled, rubber-based mat and polyurethanes that are 100% free of mercury and heavy-metals creating a floor that’s as safe as it is durable. Our Monoflex surface provides ideal shock absorption, consistent playing characteristics, true ball rebound, durability and a high resistance to rolling loads. It is ideal for indoor basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, as a multi-sport court, or any other type of sport and recreational usage. Monoflex has excellent slip, abrasion and wear resistance and is also durable enough for multi-use events like meetings, church services and dances. The seamless surface is made up of three layers of poured urethane over a pre-fabricated and fully adhered rubber-based mat. You can add custom graphics, logos or mascots to this surface to complement your school or theme.

Monoflex Cross Section
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