Advance Hamilton

Mondo Advance

Aerobics and Cycling
Recommended Usage

Product Details

Mondo Advance offers a better flooring system for a cycling and aerobics facility than the traditional wood. With extreme durability, natural play characteristics and easy maintenance, Mondo Advance has been established as the highest performing synthetic surface in the industry. This surface meets all of the demands of multi-purpose use, as well as exceeds the leading biomechanical standards set for competitive athletic events.

Performance Layer
• Solid 2mm rubber wear layer requiring no finishes or coatings
• Engineered to exceed coefficient of friction standards for athletic performance

Load Disbursement Layer
• Provides reinforcement against bleachers, tables and chairs
• Generates proper force reduction giving the athlete proper foot support and stability

Comfort Layer
• Deforming geometries improves product deflection, resulting in optimum shock absorption and energy return
• Vulcanized rubber will not compress or break down over time
• > 98% ball bounce

Comfort and Safety
• Class 1 fire & smoke density code rating (ASTM E648/E662)
• Antibacterial and antimicrobial throughout
• Outstanding sound absorption properties (IIC 48)
• Dual and triple durometer vulcanized construction—not factory or on-site lamination

Durability and Life-Cycle Costs
• Non porous surface
• Outstanding static and rolling load characteristics
• Life expectancy >15 years
• Lowest total cost of ownership

Green Facts
• 100% recyclable
• Free of phthalates, PVC, isocyanates and solvents
• Up to 20% post-consumer recycled content
• CA 1350 Compliant

GREENGUARD Gold Certified
The most stringent indoor air quality

• Satin Matte