Green Facts
  • Compliant with California IAQ requirement section 01350
  • Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Mondo’s flooring does not contain any synthetic components that are harmful to the environment
  • Easy to Recycle or Dispose. Free of toxic, synthetic components that are harmful to the environment
  • As part of the flooring system, Mondo’s MP 500 adhesive boasts minimal out- gassing and stays well below VOC limits
  • Low maintenance Creates outstanding life cycle costs comparing to sheet vinyl, VCT and carpet
  • Can contribute to numerous LEED points
Profectly suited for use in Hostpitals, Healthcare Facilities,
Classrooms and Educational facilities.
Features & Benefits
» Engineered for load resistance.
» Wet or dry slip resistance.
» Significant noise reduction.
» Greater comfort underfoot
» Increase impact resistance
» Stain & chemival resistance.
» Antibacterial and antimicrobial throughout.
» Head Weldable
» Excellent wear resistance


Engineered for load resistance and designed to withstand heavy loads in excess of 1000 PSI, combined with Punti's good looks make this flooring a best choice for commercial flooring applications. Sip resistant, stain and chemical resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobial throughout.



A designers dream, Harmoni is a available in the most up-to-date colors. Extremely durable, highly slip-resistant especially when wet, significant noise reduction, waterproof and non-porous, and antibacterial and antimicrobial make Harmoni the best choice for healthcare, educational, and commercial applications.



Not even terrazzo can deliver all of the features of Geode, and at far less cost! Superior wet or dry slip resistance, virtually stain proof-even betadine and iodine can't stain Geode-chemical resistant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, soft and quiet underfoot, and outstanding wear-resistance.



This slate-finish flooring made of natural and synthetic rubber flooring is extremely durable and engineered to withstand heavy loads in excess of 1000 PSI. This floor is actually less slippery when wet! Tarranova's color pallet works for one room or every room in your facility. Antibacterial and antimicrobial.



Mondo's newest product, Natura - a three-millimeter dual durometer - is designed to withstand heavy loads. It offers outstanding lifecycle costs and sound absorption up to 20 decibels, plus impressive slip-resistance. Equally important, Natura's great looks and color selection set it apart and bring a unique look to any facility.



Bollo does not contain any components that are toxic and therefore harmful to the environment. Low maintenance, slip-resistant, quiet and comfortable to walk on reduces stress, antibacterial and antimicrobial, and ultra wear resistance, make Bollo a great choice for any commercial installation, particularly where environmental sensitivity is a concern.

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