No matter what type of flooring you choose, it will ultimately be the most used-and abused surface in your facility. The typical floor will endure millions of footsteps, scrapes, scuffs, drops, falls, burns, and more during its lifetime. That's why SportsBuilders installs only the highest quality flooring and provides expert technical assistance to help you know that your floor will perform year after year.

Whether it's a small space, or a major complex, SportsBuilders' flooring experts will help you select the best athletic flooring to meet your needs whether it's a new speed record, multi-sport performance, or a durable surface that will do it all for your church or community center. And when it comes to commercial rubber flooring, you can trust SportsBuilders to deliver quality flooring, quality installation, on time and within budget. For free estimate or consultation on your next flooring project, call the experts at SportsBuilders, 315-413-0200.
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